A Wonderful (Wet) Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend! It could so easily have been a bust, bearing in mind the torrential rain that greeted us on Saturday. But I’d finally got my arse in gear and bought Tom a pair of waterproof trousers, so instead of being disappointed by the weather, we were thrilled by the opportunity to try them out.

As a starting point (and as part of our pledge to use our garden more), we headed out into the garden, fully togged up in waterproofs. Even Mr Techno joined in, though rather less appropriately dressed. I mean, slippers? Really? Tom was ridiculously excited by the rain, and ran around squeaking and poking things to find out if they were wet. (They were. Without exception. But he was still amazed every time. I love toddlers!)

IMG_0374 IMG_0380 IMG_0382

The rain did stop in the afternoon, so we went to the park to do some squelching in the mud and some splashing in the puddles. It was a bit slippery, so Tom’s new trousers got properly worn in and proved they are both water and mud-proof.

IMG_0387 IMG_0391

On Sunday, Tom and I escaped the city for some much needed rural time at my parents’ house (Mr Techno had to work). My dad is currently living in Singapore for work, but my mum welcomed us with open arms and my sister was visiting too. Tom was ecstatic to see granny, who always spoils him, and loved having so much space to run around in. We started the visit with a trip out to the chickens, to collect eggs for Tom’s lunch. Tom was actually more interested in the dog’s water bowl, but hey!

IMG_0405 IMG_0407

My mum has an extensive network of friends who live on farms and smallholdings, which is great for entertaining little people. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring one of their smallholdings, greeting all the animals, and enjoying the autumn leaves. All finished off with tea and cake, of course!

IMG_0412 IMG_0414 IMG_0419 IMG_0422

We had such a lovely weekend. I’m very thankful for those waterproof trousers – they brighten up any grey day!

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Rainy Days with a Toddler: Top Tips for Getting Outside


We’ve had some lovely clear autumn days lately, but yesterday was a wet one and the weather forecast suggests there will be more to come next week.

A bit of rain is no reason to stay indoors though. Tom and I have enjoyed plenty of wet weather playtime. Here are my top tips for getting outdoors in the rain with a toddler:

1) Keep it short and sweet
In fine weather, we expect to be out anything from an hour to all day. When it’s wet though, I prefer to keep it short and sweet. 15 minutes to half-an-hour is the perfect amount for a 13 month old to have fun without over-doing it.

2) Dress for success
For parents as well as toddlers. Waterproof trousers, jackets and rain footies are a must. Don’t over do it though, rainy weather doesn’t necessarily mean cold weather and waterproofs are a trap for sweat. Keep under-layers light (as appropriate) to allow for running around.


3) Have a change of clothes to hand
Little people are especially vulnerable to changes in temperature and it can be dangerous for their core temperature to drop too low. To avoid too long in chilly wet clothing once playtime is over, have a spare set to hand in the change bag, buggy or car.

4) Enjoy it!
Getting outdoors should be fun, not a task. Head out with a positive attitude, even on the wettest of days, and you’ll be amazed by how much fun you can have. Splashing in puddles, catching rain drops and making mud pies. Just be ready for a nice warm bath to clean up once you get home.


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Playing in the Rain


Well the weather is officially on the turn. It’s getting colder, especially first thing in the morning, and we’ve had a few rainy days.

But this isn’t going to stop us from getting out. Especially now Tom is walking and so is no longer having to crawl his way through wet grass.

I thought I was going to have to look into some barefoot shoes for him (are barefoot wellies a thing? Must check…) but fortunately found a pair of these ‘rain footies’ on eBay. They are essentially plastic bags that attach with some elastic round the ankles. It’ll be a long time before he grows out of them, but he still seems able to walk ok. Waterproof trousers are definitely next on the wishlist.


We’ve enjoyed pottering around the cat litter box garden, investigating the local wildlife.


And the play area of the park is completely abandoned when it’s wet, giving Tom a chance to play without getting trampled by bigger kids.



All in all, wet weather is no reason to stay inside. We love playing in the rain!

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