A Great Big Box

Our bin broke a little while ago. Not seriously – just the catch on the lid and we could still get it to close by kind of wedging it down under the rim. My solution to this was to carry on with it, but Mr Techno decided enough was enough and bought us a new bin. But not from the B&Q just down the road. Or any of the many small local shops who sell household items. Nope. He decided to order one online instead.

It arrived on Wednesday (whilst I was in waiting on the shelves which are still nowhere to be found), in the biggest box I have ever seen. Getting it up the stairs was a real challenge. Once up in the flat, it took up half our living room.

Clearly, this was too good an opportunity to ignore.

The box was a wonderful prop for our lazy weekend. Tom spent most of Saturday morning playing in it. I cut a little entrance way, which makes me think a bit of a drawbridge, so he could get in and out by himself. Which just made it even funnier.


Since he was having so much fun, I decided the box could stay…just not in the living room. After a lot of maneuvering, I┬ámanaged to get it in the corner of his room that used to be occupied by his blanket fort. Believe me, it was not easy getting it there, especially with Tom ‘helping’. And it does still block the bottom draw of his chest of draws (which only contains clothes that are currently too big, so isn’t really a problem). But I thought it looked pretty good, especially once I had moved his fleece in there. Cosy.

Of course, Tom hasn’t glanced at it once since I moved it. Still, it was good fun whilst it lasted.