Piper – 15 weeks

Piper turned 15 weeks on Thursday 7th September, making 7th September to 13th September her 16th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

What we did: the first part of this week we were mainly at home as I had a lot of sorting out to do before the big move. On Monday my mum came over and took both Piper and Tom to the park so I could concentrate on the packers.

Tuesday was moving day! Piper, Tom and I went over to the new flat first thing to make sure everything was clean and ready. Piper napped in her old Moses basket in the bathroom in the morning. Once the movers arrived I popped her in the sling and she dozed on and off whilst I unpacked, but didn’t get a full nap in. Wednesday was dedicated to unpacking so poor Piper has had to amuse herself quite a lot.

Feeding: Piper seemed especially hungry this week, though it didn’t appear to lead to any more feeds at night. She drank her first 6oz bottle. We’ve moved her up to the larger bottles. 

On Sunday, I was the one to give her the daily bottle and, though she was sucking hard, after 10 minutes she had only managed to drink half an ounce. I moved her up to the size 2 teats and she drank the whole thing straight down. 

Nursing was all smooth this week with no issues.

Sleep: after last week’s schedule change I have relaxed on my sleep tracking somewhat, though I am still monitoring night waking. We had some really good nights this week, including the night before the move when she slept from 7pm to 5am! So close to sleeping through. We had a total of four nights where she only woke once for a feed and didn’t need the dummy at all. 

Trying big brother’s bed out

However we also had some bad nights this week where she woke super early for her feed (ie round midnight) and then was unsettled for most of the night. She didn’t seem hungry but was just not able to get back into a deep sleep so kept needing the dummy reinserted.

There were a couple of nights where she woke up in the early hours because she had managed to escape the ‘inescapable’ miracle blanket swaddle. I therefore tried her in our new love to dream swaddle since that has a zip, but the extra movement for her arms seems to make it harder for her to settle. One nap she cried without stopping for 20 minutes and I eventually gave her the dummy because I couldn’t get her to settle without it. Once she’s asleep though it doesn’t seem to make her wake up any more often. It’s probably a matter of letting her get used to it but with all the unpacking to do I didn’t feel ready to go through the transition process so we’ve gone back to the miracle blanket for the moment. Fingers crossed she doesn’t start rolling in the meantime.

Piper is still waking up 40 minutes into each nap and needing the dummy to resettle. We also had a lot of naps disrupted this week due to the move.

Three nights in a row (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) she randomly woke up 40 minutes after I had put her down for the night. She wasn’t crying so much as shouting (what the baby whisperer calls a mantra cry) so we gave her a bit of time to see if she would settle and each time she was back asleep within 10 minutes with no intervention from us. 

Working on: her hand coordination has taken another leap forward this week and I have really noticed her purposefully grabbing onto things. She can also bring things to her mouth fairly accurately. We got the playgym out for her this week as we now have space for it in the new flat. She loves batting at toys but can get a bit overwhelmed with the music so we mostly leave that off. 

She’s still arching her hips up and round a lot but hasn’t moved any further towards rolling. When she is sitting on our laps she will often push herself forward as if trying to launch onto the floor.

Piper is definitely no longer a newborn. My dad hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and commented on how alert and engaged she is now.

With my mother in law in the new flat

Other things: She loves her dad. If she’s beginning to get a bit fussy during playtime he can often get her back smiling again just by lying down next to her. She also finds it hilarious when he sneezes. 

I finally got round to asking her last godparent if she would be a godparent this week so she now has three. No Christening arranged yet but I’ll let the dust from the house move settle before organising that.

She’s started really splashing around in the bath and will give big grins when she does

Nappy rash is finally almost gone

Schedule: same as last week in theory though the move has meant everything has been a bit disrupted. For some naps she was still deeply asleep at feed time so I let her go up to half an hour later before waking her.


Piper – 14 weeks old 

Piper turned 14 weeks on Thursday 31st August, making 31st August to 7th September  her 15th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

Where we were: after such a busy August and knowing we are moving house next week, I kept us mainly at home this week. We did go out to Pizza Express for Tom’s third birthday on Thursday, but managed to forget both the buggy and the sling! Piper is not a huge fan of her car seat but she did sleep in it for 20 minutes or so and we took turns to hold her. 

John’s parents came to visit on Saturday to drop off Tom’s presents but Piper managed to sleep right through their visit. We spent Wednesday doing a last few little bits and pieces in the new flat, so she was back to napping in her old moses basket in the bathroom.

Feeding: finally a week where both bottles and nursing went without issue! I increased her feed interval to 3hrs20 for most feeds this week. I also started offering a full feed at 18.00 instead of just one side, since she kept dozing off during her bedtime top up feed and not eating as much as she had been, so I was hoping that increasing the 18.00 feed might help her go longer at night.

Sleeping: are you ready for more detail than you could ever possibly need? Sleep was a real focus for us this week after such a crappy time last week. For sleep we follow many of the suggestions in the Baby Whisperer books and I also got some advice from the Baby Whisperer forum on how to change things up. Although naps were still being interrupted at 40-45 minutes (regardless of wake time), this is very common at the three to five month stage and she was still going back down with the dummy, so my main concern was addressing the multiple night wakings and early morning waking.

The suggestion from the forum was that we should be working on lengthening her awake times, especially for that first nap. A too early first nap is often the cause of early morning wakings. Piper had already started going longer between her last nap and bedtime which had made bedtime much smoother, so it made sense to work on the other awake times. We started to aim for 1hr30 for that first awake time and 1hr15 for the others (up from an hour).

To assess how the new wake times were working, I obsessively catalogued the time she woke, time I took her for her nap, time she went to sleep and timing of mid-nap wakings, then any night wakings, to see if any pattern emerged. This meant staying in the room with her whilst she fell asleep but I did my best to stay out of her eyeline in the hope that my presence wouldn’t become a prop for her.

It quickly became clear that 1hr30 was going to be a stretch for her. She was getting very fussy and just seemed overtired. This then got worse throughout the day so she was getting very cranky in the late afternoon. After a few days with no improvement I decided 1hr20 was a better mark to try for the first awake time and 1hr10-1hr15 for the others.

The first night on the new regime went much better. She didn’t wake for a feed until 1.45, an hour later than she had been, then went back down until 5.15, which I extended to 6 by giving her the dummy. The second night wasn’t so good, as she woke twice again for feeds and then again at 5.15 (again gave her the dummy until 6). The third night started well and she didn’t wake until 2.43, but I had to then give her the dummy as she wouldn’t go back down, so ended up reinserting it about every hour until we got up at 6.

Sunday night everything fell apart. She woke at 22.45! I had to check the clock several times to make sure it was right. Then she woke on and off throughout the night, with 2 hours as the longest stint. I checked the Wonder Weeks app and, sure enough, she had entered the next leap which is the super long one that usually correlates with the four month sleep regression.

Seeing that she was in the leap, I had pretty much given up the idea of getting a good night again until the leap was over. Tom stopped sleeping for longer than 45 minutes day and night during the regression (but then slept through from 20 weeks).

Naps went as normal the next day (ie interrupted and extended with the dummy) but she was extremely cranky in the afternoon and spent from about 15.30 to 16.00 just sobbing inconsolably in my arms.

Fortunately, she had calmed down by the time we had to leave to get Tom from nursery and was actually very happy looking at everything whilst in the sling.  She slept maybe 15 minutes in the sling on the way back but then wouldn’t go back down in her cot so I just gave her the dummy then got her up at 18.00 for her feed. That night was brilliant! She woke at 2.09 for a feed and I took a bit of extra time to burp her, then gave her a 10 minute cuddle after, as I do before bedtime. She went into her cot still wide awake but instead of crying for the dummy, she just chatted to herself for about half an hour and then went to sleep by herself. I had to wake her at 6.09 to start the day! It was the first night in a really long time that I hadn’t had to give her the dummy at all.

Looking back at my log, I could see that our best nights had been after picking Tom up from nursery, which meant she’d only had a short nap on the go rather than an (interrupted) hour and a bit in her cot. I decided to try cutting that nap to just 40 minutes (so one sleep cycle). To achieve that she would either have to be up an extra half hour before bedtime or would have to be in bed longer for the nap before so she could go down later. As she was already struggling to make it to bedtime happily, I opted for making the third nap 2 hours rather than 1hr20, hoping that if I offered the dummy again when she woke around 15.20, I might get an extra sleep cycle out of her.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights were both good too – she woke for a feed at 4.45 on Wednesday morning and 3.15 on Thursday morning and both times went back down straight away and slept until 6. Fingers crossed keeping that last nap short has solved our night issues for the moment. Naps still need a lot of work but, until the dust is settled from our move, I won’t have time to tackle these properly. The advantage of the longer wake times is that she is settling much more quickly for naps now and is usually down in 7 to 8 minutes rather than the 10 to 15 it was taking. But we are still getting her waking 40 minutes in and having to give her the dummy in order to extend.

Working on: Piper is getting really good at holding things now and always seems to have something in her grasp. She grabs my hand when I’m changing her and tries to put it in her mouth and will do the same to any toy, musy, or other random object that comes close. 

She is also moving her legs and hips around a lot, especially during nappy off time, as if beginning to prepare for rolling. She uses her feet to push herself towards a toy which is slightly out of reach.

She has finally worked out how to suck on her fingers and will do this every now and then during playtime, but still doesn’t seem to be able to keep them in her mouth for very long. We are pretty sure though that she will be a finger or thumb sucker very soon.

Other things: Her nappy rash was still not gone and I eventually realised that it is actually a yeast based rash, which is why my normal remedies weren’t working. Tom almost never had nappy rash so it took me a long time to realise that this one wasn’t reacting the way it should. I am now treating her with an anti-fungal cream and it looks to be clearing up quickly.

Piper has had a ridiculous amount of hair from birth. She looks like the porcupine from Surf’s Up and it is the first thing people comment on when they meet her. It is still really thick on top but she is beginning to go bald in the back now from constantly rubbing her head on the sheets.

Up until now we have only ever given her the dummy to extend naps or night time sleep. But she was getting a bit fussy during story time with Tom in the evenings. Since I’m usually on my own at that time of day, I can’t separate out their bedtimes any longer, so I gave her the dummy so that Tom could still have a restful bedtime ritual. Other than this we are still limiting its use to the cot so that it remains a sleep signal for her.

Piper had her 12 week jabs on Tuesday – yes almost 3 weeks late. She was booked to have them the week before but the appointment was cancelled because the nurse was unwell. She cried really hard when she had them done and took a while to calm down, but hasn’t had any after effects.

During her bout of inconsolable crying on Monday she did find her fingers and used them to calm herself down, but then kept losing them again. She would find them, calm down, lose them, and then cry harder because she had lost them. It was heartbreaking. Babies are badly designed!

Since Piper is finding her fingers and also looks to be working towards rolling, I want to start weaning her off the swaddle once we have settled in after the move. She wasn’t quite ready for one hand out last time I tried, so I have decided to try transitioning her first to an arms up swaddle which will give her some movement but will still help to minimise her startle reflex. So far she has only used it when we were at the new flat for a day but she did some really good napping in it and had worked out how to use her hands to keep her dummy from falling out. We went cold turkey with Tom (because the zip broke on the swaddle we had been using and we thought we might as well) and suffered a lot of bad nights because of it, so I’m hoping the slow and steady route will work better with her.

Schedule: lots of changes this week as I was working out what would work best for her. By the end of the week we had landed on something that seemed to be working, which looked like this:

6.00 – Wake and feed (woken if not already awake)

7.15-7.30 – down for nap 1 (this and all other naps were interrupted at 40 minute mark and extended with dummy)

9.20 – Feed then playtime

10.30-10.40 – down for nap 2

12.40 – Feed then playtime

13.50-14.00 – down for nap 3

16.00 – Feed then playtime

17.10-17.20 – down for catnap

18.00 – Feed

18.15 – Nappy off playtime

18.30 – Bath and pjs

18.45 – Stories with Tom

19.00 – Top-up feed

19.20-19.30 – down for night

One motn waking somewhere between 1.30 and 5 for a feed, then back down.


Piper – 13 weeks old 

Piper turned 13 weeks on Thursday 24th August, making 24th-30th August her 14th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

Where we were: by this point I think it’s pretty guaranteed I’m going to say it was a busy week… We started Thursday morning by driving up to my in-laws place in Suffolk as John’s grandmother’s funeral was taking place up there on Friday. We stayed in Suffolk until Sunday lunch and saw A LOT of extended family who were in town for the funeral. Although it was sad to see them under those circumstances, it was also great to catch up since many of them hadn’t met Tom yet, never mind Piper.

We spent Monday at home, then Tuesday working on the new flat. Wednesday was a quiet day at home, which by then felt very necessary.

Feeding: after several days of bottle drama, it was nursing that went really wrong this week. It all went bad when we arrived in Suffolk on Thursday. We had an awful night on Wednesday (more to come) so Piper was pretty tired. She obviously found the new environment a bit overwhelming so I had to move to a quiet place to feed her when we first arrived. She fussed a bit but did drink. Then she flat out refused to nap. I think she managed 20 minutes total in 2 hours and that was with me holding her legs because they kept jerking and waking her up. I gave up and tried to feed her and she was not having any of it. I tried on and off for an hour and a half and all she did was scream the moment I got her into the nursing position.

I finally gave up and tried to put her down for a nap again. Nope, not happening. So we gave up on that too and went to have our own lunch, just passing her around the table so everyone had a chance to eat. After lunch I took her for a walk in the sling and got her to sleep for half an hour, then managed to get her to feed on one side by walking her around with my boob in her mouth. She was fussy for the next few feeds – only drank one side and then only after I walked with her (which was EXHAUSTING). Things did improve after a better night sleep and are now back to normal.

Not going to lie, I found her refusal to nurse incredibly stressful. I know it isn’t personal but it felt like she was rejecting me, not just my milk. Bad sleep I can cope with but struggles with nursing plus bad sleep was just too much. I’m glad it’s now back to normal and the bottles are now going well too. Fingers crossed we can have a week where everything works!

Sleeping: this has been a terrible week for sleep and I’m not really sure why. After a good few days Piper simply would not settle on Wednesday night. She was dropping off then waking 10 minutes later. John was home and we spent most of the evening taking it in turns trying to settle her, but nothing worked for longer than 10 minutes. I fed her at 9pm… and she woke up 10 minutes after I put her down. Eventually John went to sleep on the sofa bed so that one of us would be rested for the drive the next day, and I lay down with my hand on her stomach and just tried to snatch as much sleep as I could. I fed her again at 11pm and she eventually settled at around 12.30, then woke at 3 for another feed, then went back down until 6am.

The next day she did not nap at all. I was a complete mess. I even said to John that I wanted to go home, but that wasn’t really an option with the funeral the next day. That evening everyone else went to have a drink at the church in honour of John’s grandmother and I stayed behind to do bedtime for the kids. I was dreading it, sure that she was going to be a mess to settle. But she went down really easily and didn’t wake until she wanted feeding at 1am.

Since then she has had only one day with good naps and has been waking regularly at night, not really going back down after 4am, and wanting to start the day at 5.30am. Essentially she has regressed to her newborn waking pattern. I’m not sure whether this is the 4 month sleep regression starting early (it is due next week) or whether her schedule needs adjusting, but it has been pretty rough. I want my good sleeper back and for more than 4 nights please!

Working on: still those hands. She’s gotten very good at getting them to stay at her mouth and occasionally manages to get the angle right to suck on her thumb. She has also started to push her hips up and twist when doing nappy off time, so looks to be starting to work on rolling. She can use her feet to push herself slowly along the floor. but usually only gets a few inches.

Other things: I tried leaving one hand out of the swaddle for one nap and it was a disaster. She took so long to settle that Tom gave up waiting for me to put him down for his nap and just took himself to bed. She did eventually go down and used her thumb to do it… but then woke 15 minutes later, presumably because she had bashed herself in the face. She couldn’t go back down so I fully swaddled her and gave her the dummy so she would sleep for the rest of the nap. I’ll try again once we’ve moved and I have more time to work on it with her.

She was really happy and smiley when we got home from Suffolk on Sunday and I really think she recognises this as her home. Which is a shame since we are about to move.

Since she is now awake when Tom goes to bed she is joining in with story time when John is on an evening shift (which is most nights). I have to work a bit to keep her from crying towards then end but otherwise it seems to be going ok.

She is finally sometimes going into the cot without crying, so I think she is getting used to it. This has taken longer than it should as we’ve been travelling so much.

She still has nappy rash. I’ve been giving her daily nappy off play and she is very happy during it, even though it is at a time of day where babies are typically fussy.

Schedule: Same as the end of last week, but I have written it out as I didn’t last week. I think she may need longer awake times now so will work on extending these next week.

6.00 – wake and feed (woken if not awake already)

7.00 – nap 1 (using dummy for all naps when waking after 45 mins)

9.00 – wake and feed

10.00 – nap 2

12.00 – wake and feed

13.00 – nap 3

15.00 -wake and feed

16.00 – nap 4

18.00 – wake and feed, then nappy off play

18.30 – bath and pjs

18.45 – stories with Tom

19.00 – top up feed

19.15 – cuddles

19.30 – bedtime

Waking this week usually at 1 and 4, with occasional fussiness between 21.00 and 23.00 (not requiring intervention). Needs dummy in order to sleep after 4 and wanting to start day at 5.30.

Piper – 12 weeks

Piper turned 12 weeks on Thursday 17th August, making 17th-23rd August her 13th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

Where we were: yet another hectic week. We started off at my parents’ house on Thursday and drove down to Somerset where my parents had rented a cottage. My brother, sister, and the new puppy were all there too! We attended my cousin’s wedding on Saturday which was Piper’s introduction to my extended family (of which there are many). Sunday we drove back to London. Whilst John worked on the new flat, the kids and I then spent Monday to Wednesday at home, tackling the massive pile of washing and attempting to establish some kind of continuity before we headed to Suffolk on Thursday. 

Feeding: bottle feeding was much improved this week. We’ve continued to give her a bottle of fresh expressed breast milk every day and she drank them without complaining. She also managed to go 4 hours between feeds whilst at my cousin’s wedding, making it through the entire church service and walk to the reception before downing a bottle once we reached my aunt and uncle’s house. 

Nursing on the other hand has gone screwy to compensate. She started being a bit fussy, especially for the last feed of the day. During the wedding meal she had an up the back poo that meant a full outfit change (in a stable no less) and was very upset. I offered a feed to help calm her and she screamed hysterically. Eventually I calmed her down by walking around with my boob in her mouth (not an easy feat) and managed to latch. Little did I know that worse would come the week after! 

Sleep: she started this week still in the 12 week Wonder Week and it had a big effect on her sleep. She started waking twice at night again and was harder to settle after feeding. Naps also were disrupted at the 45 minute mark, though we could usually get her back to dozing with the dummy. Being away from home again didn’t help and she had also caught Tom’s cold. She can be difficult to settle first thing at night even when sleeping well and this was especially bad a couple of nights this week. 

By Sunday night we were back home and it was the last day of the Wonder Week. That night she went down easily and woke once at 4am, then went back down until 6am. We also got a couple of good naps though most are still being disrupted at 45 minutes, which makes me thing I must be getting her awake time wrong. She has very few sleepy signs now so I may have to start going more by the clock. 

Working on: she has learnt how to grasp something held for her at the right angle and is working to put things in her mouth. She can’t yet let go again though! Head control is improving too though she still needs some support, especially when she is tired. 

things: she coped brilliantly with the long car journey. We stopped once going both ways so she could have a feed. Other than that and a little fussing in the last 20 mins, she slept the full 4 hours both ways. 

I took her with me to my chiropractor appointment on the Thursday as she has always had difficulty turning her head to the right. She gave her a bit of a neck massage which seems to have loosened it a bit but I may have to take her back for a full session as it still seems to be quite stiff. 

She did awesome at the wedding and slept in my arms most of the church service, then in her buggy at the reception.

She was in disposable nappies for most of this week since we were away and got her first nappy rash. We’ve been treating with sudocrem, bicarb in the bath, and lots of nappy off time and it is improving but not yet gone a week later. 

I moved her into her 3-6 clothes on Monday. Can’t believe she is already so big! 

Schedule: started off the same as before but on Monday she slept really solidly for her 4pm nap and was still fast asleep at 5pm when she usually feeds, so we let her go to 6pm for that feed. Since she still ate well at bedtime and slept well that night, we thought we’d try shifting things around so she’d drop that last cat nap, which has always been tricky. So she now goes down at 4pm, sleeps until 6pm, has a feed and then stays up until her bedtime feed from 7-7.30pm.

Piper – 11 weeks old

Piper turned 11 weeks on Thursday 10th August, making 10th-16th August her 12th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

Where we were: Another busy week! Piper and I spent Thursday at the new flat – she napped in her Moses basket in the bathroom whilst I painted and stripped wallpaper. Then on Friday we headed up to my in-laws in Suffolk for a friend’s wedding. You can read more about that here. Back in London, we spent Monday and Tuesday working on the flat then headed to my parents’ house on Wednesday in preparation for going to Somerset for the weekend for my cousin’s wedding.

Feeding: Nursing is still going well. She takes about 15 minutes per feed, including burping. Bottles are another matter though. Continuing on from our struggles last week, I gave her a bottle of thawed frozen breastmilk on Thursday for her five o’clock feed and she really didn’t want to drink it. She ended up getting so worked up that she was actually falling asleep in my arms from tiredness, so I put her down for her cat nap and then tried again before bath time. It took some persuasion but she did then drink 4 ounces. We realised that she prefers it a bit cooler – room temperature rather than body temperature – which is why she would accept it once the bottle was cooler.

I had pumped milk ready to take to our friend’s wedding but ended up leaving it in our fridge in London. Since it takes me a few pumping sessions to get a full feed currently, we   weren’t sure that I’d be able to pump enough to take to the wedding so actually did buy some ready mixed formula to see if she would drink that. She did drink a couple of ounces on Friday evening, but it took me about an hour to persuade her to have that much. Fortunately, I was able to pump enough to take to the wedding with us (I massively upped my water intake which helped a lot), and she drank that bottle fairly happily. We’ve continued to offer a bottle of fresh milk at room temperature every other day and she is drinking it ok, though does usually need to be bounced or walked around a bit to get her started.

As planned, I have added a pump session every evening. The amount I get is slowly growing, but is currently only at around 2.5 ounces and she will drink at least 4, so I’m only getting a full feed every two days. If we give her a bottle any time except 5 pm, I pump to replace the feed and sometimes I can also pump after her first morning feed, as she doesn’t always have both sides, so I am getting enough to give a daily bottle, but not to build up a freezer stash. Hopefully this will improve as my body gets more used to the pump and to providing a ‘feed’ at 9 pm every evening.

Sleep: We had a couple of good long naps this week but most of the time she is still waking at the 45 minute transition mark and needing the dummy to go back down for the rest of the nap. She surprised me by sleeping relatively well in her Moses basket at the new flat – still waking at 45 minutes but going back down with the dummy and needing to be woken for feeds. Considering we were ripping up a floor in the next door room, this was very impressive! We had to put her in the bathroom since we have no curtains currently, so it is the only room we can make dark.

For the first half of the week,  nighttime sleep was good. She was still waking once a night (hasn’t slept through again for ages now) but often not until 4 or 4.30 am, so we were both getting a nice long bit of sleep. However, she hit the 12 week Wonder Week on Monday and since then night sleep has suffered. She’s waking up earlier, more frequently, and taking much longer to go down after a feed. Usually I can feed her, put her straight back in the cot and she’ll give a few little grunts and then go to sleep. The last few nights though she has cried after being put down and I’ve had to give her the dummy. Even then it is taking her a while to drop back off and I often have to reinsert it. Hopefully this will get better again once the Wonder Week is passed. Can’t wait for her to be reliably self-soothing with her hands so we can drop the dummy and swaddle and hopefully get her sleeping through consistently!

Working on: she’s still working mainly on her hands but there has been a noticeable improvement in how smooth her movements are. She’s now batting at toys with a fair degree of accuracy and is starting to try to grasp things. She still hasn’t quite worked out how to suck her fingers, but will use one hand to hold the other one to her mouth and lick her fingers, so I think this won’t be far off. 

She’s still cooing a lot and we’ve noticed that she starts chatting more when she is getting sleepy (which will be something to look forward to once she can talk….) She is also getting better at following movement and can smoothly track a toy or a person as it travels across her field of vision.

Other things from this week: Piper was a real hit at the wedding and did well being passed from person to person. She didn’t really sleep, but still stayed fairly happy and smiley.

She has started laughing, especially in the bath.

On Monday she started her third Wonder Week. I suspected she might be in one because she was slightly cranky (Piper only ever cried when she is tired so cranky for her just means slightly fussy and not wanting to play alone as much), and was suddenly using her hands much more accurately. Sure enough I checked the app on Tuesday and she was in the 12 week Wonder Week, which lasts 7 days. It’s mainly affecting her nighttime sleep but she is also wanting more attention during awake times.

Schedule: Wake times were really variable this week. A lot of the time she seemed to be extending them and was able to stay happily awake for an hour and ten minutes, but there was the odd time where she would start fussing after just 45 minutes and want to go back down. Loosely speaking we are still following the same broad pattern as last week.