I first started this blog in 2015 to chart my attempts to make time every day to spend outdoors with my then one year old son, Tom. Since then we have had a second child, our daughter Piper, and become homeowners. This space will now record daily life as my children grow, with plenty of outdoor adventures still thrown in.

Who are we?



Tom is our eldest child and the original Urban Wildling. He turned three at the end of August 2017 and is a little chatterbox, with some very strong opinions. He loves cars, trains and tractors, getting muddy, sandpits, sticks and stones.








Piper is our new little daughter, born May 2017. She’s the calmest, happiest little girl and takes life as it comes. Her chief interests currently are cooing, smiling and trying to eat her hands. She loves bathtime and hates being cold.






Previously referred to on here as Mr Techno, John is my ever patient husband and father extraordinaire. He makes this two children thing look easy and is always ready to help calm me down when I get stressed. He loves all things technical and technological and has opinions on absolutely everything!







Currently on maternity leave, I’m a trained archaeologist who now works for the oldest heritage organisation in the UK. I love my family, all things old, and getting outdoors in all weathers.


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