The Challenge

“Keep out of doors as much as you can, and see all you can of nature: she has the most wonderful exhibition, always open and always free.” A.A. Milne

I believe that all of us should be spending more time outdoors, especially our kids. That’s why I’ve joined the Wild Network and signed a pledge to get outdoors with my one-year-old son every day, aiming for at least an hour each day. Engaging a non-walking, craft-scrumpling, eat-everything pre-toddler with the natural world has its own challenges, especially when we live in the largest urban settlement in the UK (London). But I’m determined to throw off my preconceptions, relax, and let my little Urban Wildling grow up wild, free and connected. Because it is never too soon to fall in love with nature.

The Cast

The Wildling: aka Tom, adventure baby, tree-hugger and the fastest speed-crawler in the West. He’s the focus of this challenge, but I’m hoping our whole family will benefit along the way.

Mr Techno: My husband and the counterweight to my hippy, back to the earth philosophy. He loves all that is shiny, screen based and technological. Between us we make one balanced parent!

Me: Chief bum-wiper, baby-carrier and initiater of wild adventures. In a former life I was an archaeologist (hence the lifelong love of mud) and studied human evolution. Now part of the Education and Training team of the UK’s oldest building conservation charity.

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