“No-poo” for 2 years

No, I’m not confessing to some really horrendous disease. No-poo is the name for giving up washing your hair with shampoo (hilarious, non?)

It’s now been over two years since I last used shampoo. I detailed the start of that journey here, with a description of some of the bizarre foodstuffs I had used instead.

2 years on, I can happily say I don’t plan ever to go back to shampoo. I always used to get greasy build up with shampoo, no matter what brand I tried. I never get that now. My hair feels soft and clean (and no it doesn’t smell). Best of all, I can go up to a month (yes really) before it gets greasy. Of course, if I’ve gotten sweat, baby vomit, or any other dirt in it in the meantime, I can just wash that out with plain water.

I started off, as most do, using bicarb and Cider vinegar, but actually that didn’t suit my hair type very well and it ended up quite waxy. I’ve now settled on three favourite ‘treatments’ that are keeping my hair lovely.

Lemon juice: this is my go-go as it is quick and easy and I usually have a lemon to hand. I have a lot of hair so use a whole lemon, but most could probably get away with half. I juice the lemon, add an equal amount of water, and 5 drops of tea tree oil. Sometimes I also add 5 drops of peppermint oil because I love the way it smells. I usually mix all this in our measuring jug because it gives me room to dip the majority of my hair in. Then I pour the rest over my scalp, making sure I cover all of it, and massage before washing out.

Applesauce: I love how applesauce makes my hair feel but it does take a bit more planning. I usually make up a big batch and freeze some so I can grab it when needed. It works kind of like a hair mask. I peel, core and chop two apples then put them in a small pan with just enough water to cover them. Put on the hob and simmer until the apple pieces are very soft. Put the apple pieces and remaining water into a food processor and blend to a very smooth puree (any lumps will be hell to get out of your hair). I usually concentrate on my scalp when using this and take a good amount of time to massage it all in. Then leave it for 10-15 mins before washing thoroughly. The bizarre thing is that my hair actually feels like it’s getting cleaner for a few days after using this method, as the acid in the apples takes a whole to break down grease etc.

Egg: this one is actually my favourite in terms of results but you have to use cold water so I only use it on hot days. It’s just one egg, mixed up, then massaged into the scalp. Again, I usually leave this one in for 10-15 minutes before washing out with cold water. Hot water would result in scrambled egg!

Hurray for funky foods as beauty treatments! 

2 thoughts on ““No-poo” for 2 years

  1. That’s awesome (and your hair looks like it’s appreciative!)
    I stopped using deodorant/antiperspirant about a decade ago and started using baking soda instead. I just pat a little on under my arms after my shower each day and it completely removes odor! I love natural alternatives. ^_^

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