Piper – 22 weeks

Piper turned 22 weeks on Thursday 26th October, making 26th October to 1st November her 23rd week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

What we did: We spent the weekend with my parents and took a trip to the zoo at Tilgate Park on Saturday afternoon. Piper’s a bit young to appreciate the animals, so she just rode in the sling, and had a quick nap. She enjoyed some cuddles with granny and grandpa too.

On Sunday morning I took her to see my grandparents. They are both in their 90s and now quite frail, so I left Tom with my mum, but was keen to see them and for them to see Piper, especially as we had missed my grandpa’s party a few weeks before.

The rest of the week we were in our normal home/nursery routine.

Feeding: Both bottle and breastfeeding are fine, though she is now at the age of being very distractable whilst breastfeeding. She bobs on and off constantly wanting to have a good look around.

She’s been sitting in her high chair while Tom and I eat dinner. Since she is really into textures currently, I gave her some potato and bread to play with one evening. And she ate it. Which was a bit unexpected! I remember the same thing with Tom (we do baby led weaning) – I gave him some food assuming he’d just play with it and was shocked when he actually ate it.

Sleeping: Naps were still very hit and miss this week. Most days she would have one long nap (either in the morning or at lunchtime) and then one short one. Some days she only had short naps and would then be overtired by bed time. She had a mild cold which contributed to some of the bad napping.

Nights were mainly OK. She slept through on Friday and Monday, but both times woke a bit early to start the day. Most other nights, she woke briefly a couple of times and soothed herself back down with her thumb straight away. If she was sleeping in a different room from us, I’d probably think she was sleeping through, because it literally is a single cry out and then back to sleep. I don’t even know if she is fully awake doing it but it does wake me still!

We had one really bad night, which was Saturday, when we were away at my parents. And also was the clock change night, just to add to the misery! She has never slept well there and was up from about 3 (new time) until 6 (new time) then did have a half hour doze. I fed her that night for the first time in a week (and only time that week) but it made no difference. I just can’t work out what it is there she doesn’t like. It was dark, everyone else was asleep (so it was quiet), and she used to sleep badly there in her Moses basket too, so I don’t think the cot is to blame. I’d hoped finding her thumb would have solved the issue but clearly not.

Working on: she managed to sit solo for about 10 seconds and is looking way less lurchy in the high chair.

She is very into textures currently and is constantly running her hands over things. This can get very tickly if she’s doing it to me whilst I’m feeding her…

Other things: She had a mild cold this week so was a bit fussy during awake times, especially on days she didn’t sleep so well. She also is now in Wonder Week 5 which may be contributing to the fussiness.

Piper is very sensitive to loud noises. Tom making ‘rar’ noises and me using the food processor both set her off this week. Her little face just crumples. It is the saddest expression I have ever seen and Tom and I both rush to comfort her when it happens.

Schedule: I was nervous about the time change, since this is the harder one to adjust to and Piper is at just the wrong age to be flexible with it. I know some people move things slowly – like 15 minutes at a time across 4 weeks – but I prefer to have a couple of rough days and then just be done. In a way Saturday/Sunday being such a bad night helped since it meant she slept later than she might otherwise have done and we just moved naps from there. We also were able to keep busy because we were away from home and in the car, so prolonging bedtime wasn’t too hard. She was early waking most mornings though, so our day was starting at 6 rather than 6.30 most days. Between that and the short naps, there was a lot of variation this week, but this is roughly what we aimed for:

6.00 – up and feed

8.00 – nap 1 (either this or nap 2 was a short one most days)

10.00 – feed

11.30/12.00 – nap 2

13.30 – feed

15.30 – catnap

16.00 – up, sit in high chair and play with/eat some solids

17.20 – feed

17.45 – nappy off play

18.20 – bath and pjs

18.40 – stories with Tom

18.50 – mini top up feed

19.00 – bed



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