11 things I loved about last week

I loved having a working oven again! Tom, John and I have been celebrating by doing lots of bakes and roasts.

I loved eating lots of sweet potatoes. Especially an amazing recipe from Anna Jones for sweet potato mash with chilli and coriander which is delicious.

I loved discovering mug cakes. A very quick way to satisfy an evening sweet craving and, as a bonus, an easy way to use up overripe bananas.

I loved seeing two of our closest friends and their partners for dinner at ours on Friday. Although we all live fairly close, we have busy lives and so it is always a treat when we manage to get together.

I loved meeting some local mums in the park and especially watching Tom bond with one of their three year olds.

I loved getting plenty of dog time! One of the mums we met was walking their spaniel, our friend brought her Pomeranian and her parents’ two poodles for dinner, and we saw my parents’ Labrador puppy. We can’t have a dog of our own in the flat so it’s nice to be able to spend times with other people’s dogs.

I loved discovering that Tom knows how to write the letter d (for dinosaur – “round his bottom, up his tall neck, and down to his feet”)

I loved rediscovering Ted Talks. I’ve been learning more about feminism, democracy, compassion, and alternative approaches to education.

I loved spending the weekend with my parents – especially my mum’s cooking!

I loved seeing how sweet Tom was being with Piper, who wasn’t feeling well this week. He brought her toys and tried hard to comfort her when she was crying.

I loved seeing meerkats and reindeer during our visit to Tilgate Park.

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