Piper – 21 weeks

Piper turned 21 weeks on Thursday 19th October, making 19th October to 25th October her 22nd week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

What we did: We took Piper with us to see another primary school on Thursday whilst Tom was at nursery. It was a long tour but she did well in the sling and even had a short nap whilst we were out.

On Saturday afternoon I attempted to take her with Tom and I for our trip to the park. I thought I’d be able to feed her there and therefore maximise the amount of time we spent there playing. But she’s at that super distractable age and flat refused to nurse, so we had to go home again after just 20 minutes so she could eat. I had a bottle ready to take with us for another try on Sunday, but then Tom decided to have a rare afternoon nap, so we didn’t have time.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet week for Piper.

Feeding: I’ve started to get some pain on the left side when she is nursing. I’m not sure why but think it might be a positioning issue, or a sign that she might be getting teeth. She was reasonably fussy this week so it is possible that she is teething, though I can’t see anything poking through yet.

As the failed trip to the park showed, I can no longer nurse Piper in public places. Since I have run out of freezer bags, I was giving her an extra bottle of breastmilk a lot of days this week since we couldn’t store it, so we can still go out and about without worrying.

Sleeping: oh sleeping. All over the place this week but we were hoping to find a nap schedule that would work for her and I think we are now there. She slept through on Thursday (19.00-6.00) after a day of very little sleep (due to nursery drop off and school visit), but seemed to have been storing up some tiredness because she took a three hour nap on Friday. I usually wake her if she gets too close to her feed but this week I was trying to follow her lead a bit more in order to discover the best sleep pattern for her, so I let her sleep. That meant we only had time to fit in two naps and she was then up from 15.00. We moved bedtime slightly earlier but she was still very overtired by the time she went down. She woke up several times that night, mostly putting herself back down, but needed a nappy change and then a feed at 1.00, so was awake for over an hour at that point.

Since she was clearly getting overtired with only two naps, we added the catnap back in and started capping her other two naps so we could move the catnap earlier in the day. This meant we were reducing the amount of day sleep she had overall but spacing it out more evenly so she didn’t have that long patch of awake time before bed. On this schedule she either slept through or came very close to sleeping through (ie. woke early but went back down after a quick coo or raspberry blowing session) on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Monday was less good – she woke and cried out every couple of hours but put herself straight back down again. That day she had catnapped in the sling on our way back from the nursery pick up, so had slept quite late in the day, which I assume is what had disrupted her night.

At this stage I’m happy to call her night weaned and her night sleep is ok, though it doesn’t feel to me yet that we have things perfectly right for her to sleep through consistently. Naps have been quite hit and miss. She drops off very easily but was waking after 45 minutes for pretty much every nap this week. Most of the time she would then go back to sleep (usually by herself, but occasionally with a quick sush pat from me) but often would wake again half an hour later, and again half an hour after that at which point I’d get her up. There were one or two naps where she couldn’t get back to sleep, even with soothing from me. We are maybe not getting her awake time quite right but she has no sleepy signals anymore, unless you count actually falling asleep on the floor, which is presumably quite a late one!

Working on: She rolled! In typical baby style she waited until I was out of the room helping Tom in the bathroom on Friday and when I came back she was on her tummy. She then did it again after I put her back on her back. She wasn’t thrilled to be on her tummy though and hasn’t done it again since.

Other things: her personality grows daily and she is just so engaging. Laughing and chatting and blowing raspberries. I already love this girl to death but every day I fall more in love with her.

I had her on my lap on Friday whilst I was eating dinner with Tom and she was very determinedly trying to steal my food. She had a lick of an apple and gummed a piece of toast. I’ve tried her in the high chair though and she’s not yet picking up food and trying to eat it herself, so we aren’t quite ready for weaning yet.

The horrific screeching noise has stopped, thank goodness.

She has turned into an adventure baby and keeps wiggling off her fleece and onto the hard floor, so I keep having to move her back again.

She occasionally gives cuddles now by putting her arms around my neck when I pick her up.

We have one of those finger puppet books and she loves it. Tom often makes sure it is one of the bedtime books because he can see how much she enjoys it.

She’s wearing 6-9 month old nappies, partly because of her massive cloth nappies. 

Schedule: by the end of the week we had finally settled on something that appeared to be working, although it is still not perfect.

6.00-6.30 – up and feed

8.15-8.30 – nap 1

10.00 – up and feed

12.00 – nap 2

13.30 – up and short playtime

14.00 – feed

15.30 – catnap

16.00 – up. Plays in bouncy chair or high chair whilst Tom and I have dinner.

17.15 – feed (bottle)

17.45 – nappy off play

18.20 – bath and pjs

18.40 – stories with Tom

18.50 – bedtime ritual and feed

19.00 – sleep

Mostly sleeping through or only waking briefly then going back down without intervention.



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