10 things I loved last week

I’ve noticed lately that my thoughts are tending towards focusing on the negative – definitely glass half empty type stuff. I’d prefer to be concentrating on the positives, because I really am so blessed and it is worth taking the time to notice that. So each week I’ll try to keep a list of things I have loved about that week – this one covers the week commencing 9 October.

I loved that we have the internet again! We’ve been without it since we moved a month ago and I only have a very small amount of mobile data, which quickly got used up. But we finally got it installed on Friday so I’ve been able to list some items on ebay, update our budgets, and get started on some Christmas shopping. Plus, of course, get caught up with writing the kids’ updates and with reading blogs I love.

I loved eating loads of spicy Thai pickled cabbage. It’s salty and zingy and spicy and makes all the pleasure centres in my brain go off. I’ve been eating it at practically every mealtime.

I loved making overnight oats for breakfast. Filling and delicious and so, so easy to make.

I loved how randomly warm the weather was, so that Tom and I could get out to the park every day that he wasn’t at nursery.

I loved how much Tom enjoyed playing with the fort I made him out of some waste cardboard.

I loved that Piper has gotten over her cold and is her usual happy laughing self again.

I loved joining a network of local mums on Whatsapp. Looking forward to meeting some of them in real life before too long.

I loved reading Quiet by Susan Cain. I’m an introvert and it is pretty apparent that Tom is too. This is a brilliant book for highlighting some of the strengths of this type of temperament and also explores the underlying differences in brain morphology and genetics between introverts and extroverts which I found very illuminating.

I loved that John cooked dinner twice this week without me asking him to.

I loved walking to and from nursery instead of getting the bus. It’s about half an hour each way and I always feel much happier and more awake for getting that exercise first thing.


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