Piper – 15 weeks

Piper turned 15 weeks on Thursday 7th September, making 7th September to 13th September her 16th week of life. Here’s what was going on for her this week.

What we did: the first part of this week we were mainly at home as I had a lot of sorting out to do before the big move. On Monday my mum came over and took both Piper and Tom to the park so I could concentrate on the packers.

Tuesday was moving day! Piper, Tom and I went over to the new flat first thing to make sure everything was clean and ready. Piper napped in her old Moses basket in the bathroom in the morning. Once the movers arrived I popped her in the sling and she dozed on and off whilst I unpacked, but didn’t get a full nap in. Wednesday was dedicated to unpacking so poor Piper has had to amuse herself quite a lot.

Feeding: Piper seemed especially hungry this week, though it didn’t appear to lead to any more feeds at night. She drank her first 6oz bottle. We’ve moved her up to the larger bottles. 

On Sunday, I was the one to give her the daily bottle and, though she was sucking hard, after 10 minutes she had only managed to drink half an ounce. I moved her up to the size 2 teats and she drank the whole thing straight down. 

Nursing was all smooth this week with no issues.

Sleep: after last week’s schedule change I have relaxed on my sleep tracking somewhat, though I am still monitoring night waking. We had some really good nights this week, including the night before the move when she slept from 7pm to 5am! So close to sleeping through. We had a total of four nights where she only woke once for a feed and didn’t need the dummy at all. 

Trying big brother’s bed out

However we also had some bad nights this week where she woke super early for her feed (ie round midnight) and then was unsettled for most of the night. She didn’t seem hungry but was just not able to get back into a deep sleep so kept needing the dummy reinserted.

There were a couple of nights where she woke up in the early hours because she had managed to escape the ‘inescapable’ miracle blanket swaddle. I therefore tried her in our new love to dream swaddle since that has a zip, but the extra movement for her arms seems to make it harder for her to settle. One nap she cried without stopping for 20 minutes and I eventually gave her the dummy because I couldn’t get her to settle without it. Once she’s asleep though it doesn’t seem to make her wake up any more often. It’s probably a matter of letting her get used to it but with all the unpacking to do I didn’t feel ready to go through the transition process so we’ve gone back to the miracle blanket for the moment. Fingers crossed she doesn’t start rolling in the meantime.

Piper is still waking up 40 minutes into each nap and needing the dummy to resettle. We also had a lot of naps disrupted this week due to the move.

Three nights in a row (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) she randomly woke up 40 minutes after I had put her down for the night. She wasn’t crying so much as shouting (what the baby whisperer calls a mantra cry) so we gave her a bit of time to see if she would settle and each time she was back asleep within 10 minutes with no intervention from us. 

Working on: her hand coordination has taken another leap forward this week and I have really noticed her purposefully grabbing onto things. She can also bring things to her mouth fairly accurately. We got the playgym out for her this week as we now have space for it in the new flat. She loves batting at toys but can get a bit overwhelmed with the music so we mostly leave that off. 

She’s still arching her hips up and round a lot but hasn’t moved any further towards rolling. When she is sitting on our laps she will often push herself forward as if trying to launch onto the floor.

Piper is definitely no longer a newborn. My dad hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and commented on how alert and engaged she is now.

With my mother in law in the new flat

Other things: She loves her dad. If she’s beginning to get a bit fussy during playtime he can often get her back smiling again just by lying down next to her. She also finds it hilarious when he sneezes. 

I finally got round to asking her last godparent if she would be a godparent this week so she now has three. No Christening arranged yet but I’ll let the dust from the house move settle before organising that.

She’s started really splashing around in the bath and will give big grins when she does

Nappy rash is finally almost gone

Schedule: same as last week in theory though the move has meant everything has been a bit disrupted. For some naps she was still deeply asleep at feed time so I let her go up to half an hour later before waking her.

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