Goodbye to you

It’s moving day! We’ve been working towards this ever since our offer on the new flat was accepted in April and, up until a few days ago, I was looking forward to finally living in our own place with nothing but excited anticipation.

Ever since Tom’s last day at nursery last week though I have been feeling surprisingly emotional. Although I am excited for this new chapter in our lives, we will be walking away from the flat and area that have been our home for 4 years now.

Goodbye to the flat which has been our longest home since we got married. Goodbye to the flat we brought both our babies back to after they were born, where we have navigated sleepless nights, cloth nappies and weaning.

Even more painfully, goodbye to the landscape that has been such a big part of our son’s life. Goodbye to the marshes where he took his first steps. Goodbye to Leyton Jubilee Park where he first went on a swing, down a slide, and tasted a blackberry. 

Goodbye to our walk to nursery, to our doctors’, to the library. Goodbye to my commute, my tai chi class, our NCT group.

Tom won’t remember this place that was his first home. But I will. And I will miss it.

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