Two weddings and a funeral… 

Tom considering bonfires with grandpa and cousin

August is almost over and, to be honest, I’m pretty relieved. We’ve had a really full on month. Although parts of it have been great fun, trying to manage to constant travelling with a 3 month old has been a bit crazy. Plus we just haven’t had the time to focus on getting the new flat ready or packing up the old one.

Tom stripping wallpaper in the new flat

This weekend will be the first in 6 weeks that we’ve spent at home. We’ve been to Suffolk three times – once for Piper’s first visit, once for our friend’s wedding, and once for John’s grandmother’s funeral. We’ve been to a rowing regatta near Reading, and to my cousin’s wedding in Somerset, with stop offs at my parents’ house in between.

Extended family gather the day after the funeral
Swinging with granny in Somerset

The kids have been amazing, really coping well with all the events and with being so much in the car.

With my family at my cousin’s wedding

Most of all I have loved having John around for the past two weeks. Parenting is certainly much easier when you aren’t doing it mostly on your own. He’s back to work today though so it’s back to reality with a bump! But, great though the last few weeks have been, I’m looking forward to spending some time at home and to getting everything sorted ready for our big move in a couple of weeks time.

Trying not to notice the toddlers throwing things in the pond…

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