Suffolk Weekend 

We are just home from a wonderful but exhausting weekend at my in-laws in Suffolk. They were actually not there, since they are away on holiday, but a friend was getting married close by, so we went up on Friday with the kids. We were joined by 7 of our friends, plus John’s brother and sister, our brother-in-law, and our niece, who is the same age as Tom.

We served up a barbecue on Friday night once the kids were settled, which got a bit merry. Ridiculous games were played, a stuffed stoat appeared, and my head was not feeling so great the next morning. 

Luckily the rain held off and we had a very relaxed morning. The kids enjoyed each other’s company, had a swim, got out every toy in the house, and generally made the most of the holiday atmosphere. 

We left Tom with his aunt and uncles whilst the rest of us went to the wedding. I had to nurse Piper during the church service, but fortunately the ceremony was very short and sweet. The bride was stunning, and we enjoyed drinks and canapés at the beautiful Butley Priory. I had brought along a bottle for Piper’s 5 o’clock feed so I could enjoy a few glasses of champagne. 

Piper behaved beautifully and was a huge hit with everyone. 

I sloped off just after the speeches to go put the children to bed (thank you to my brother-in-law who came to collect me) and sadly missed the meal, but enjoyed a snacky dinner with my in-laws. The others returned just before 10 and we played a few rounds of cards against humanity before calling it a night. 

Sunday was a predictably slow start, with plenty of bacon and eggs to tackle people’s hangovers. The kids enjoyed the sandpit and we headed back to London after lunch to face a mountain of washing! 

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