Everything Changes


When I last wrote on this blog, Tom was less than two years old. A lot has changed in the last 18 months. Tom is now almost three, chattering away in full sentences, potty trained, learning to dress himself and with very strong opinions on what he will and won’t do. And most importantly of all, he is now a big brother, since the arrival of our daughter Piper on 25 May 2017.

With two children to house, there are some big changes for Mr Techno and I too, and we bought our first flat in East Ham last week. We are still living in Leyton in our rental flat for the moment whilst we replace floors and paint walls, but hope to be in by the end of September. This means more big changes for Tom – not just a new home but a new nursery too. He’s been at his current nursery since he was 6 months old so we will all be sad to leave that familiar environment behind. We’ve found a lovely new one for him in East Ham though and I hope to get him registered this week. Piper will join him once she’s 6 months old, as I’ll be returning to work around then.

Outdoor time has been suffering, what with a new baby and lots of work to do on the flat. But I’ve missed having this blog as a record of our lives. I’d love to have had a written record of the early days with Tom, so I’m starting again so that I will have a record of Piper’s babyhood, as well as to chart life for Tom as a preschooler (and beyond?) This is going to be much more of a diary than it was previously and far less focused on outdoor adventures, though I hope we will continue to have many of those too. After all, a new neighbourhood means new parks to explore and a new baby means we have another child to introduce to this wonderful world.


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