A Week of Excess


Mr Techno takes birthdays seriously. He has no fear of getting older and really likes to wring every last drop of enjoyment out of it. Since his birthday was last Wednesday, he took the entire week off work, which resulted in rather too much celebrating!


We kicked off on Tuesday, with takeout and a bottle of wine (I know right? We really know how to live it up!) Wednesday night, his brother babysat so we could go out for dinner. Then we relocated to Waterloo for the weekend, leaving Tom with Mr Techno’s sister so we could go out with friends. Saturday night was a drunken dinner party in Waterloo, complete with drinking jenga.

The result of all this was a massive overconsumption of both food and alcohol, leaving me feeling rather sluggish. Definitely time for a bit of a detox this week!

We did at least head out on Saturday for a walk…which somehow turned into a visit to the Imperial War Museum. With two toddlers.


I’ve actually not been before and could have done with my first visit being alone, so I could absorb. It’s not exactly a light Saturday afternoon outing! It’s also extremely un-buggy friendly. We had Tom in the sling/walking, but my neice is still a crawler so we had to check their buggy into the buggy park, due to the many stairs, and carry her.


Still, at least it got us out of the house!

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