Garden Update: Building a Mud Kitchen

As long time followers of this blog will know, we’ve been trying to improve our garden space, which is challenging because a) we rent, b) we are broke and c) the space is tiny.

But we have finally made some progress! Ages and ages ago, I picked up a pile of miscellaneous wood that someone was offering on freecycle. It’s been sitting in our hallway for about two months, waiting for a dry day when both Mr Techno and I were home.


Such a day finally arrived last Wednesday. So we took stock of what we had and drew up a plan.

To be honest, the materials weren’t completely ideal. But we selected a thick panel of mdf, a similarly sized one of chipboard and a scaffold plank.

Step one was cutting the chipboard to the same size as the mdf with our jig saw. I started out doing the cutting, but we swapped when we remembered that I can’t do straight lines.


Then we cut the scaffolding plank into two pieces that were a bit shorter than the length of the panels.

We took it all out to the garden and screwed it together. The two panels form the top and bottom and the scaffolding plank pieces form the sides.


This gave us a cuboid, with space for storage inside. The mdf had been covered with a thick layer of gloss paint, which helps with adding some waterproofing, so that panel went on top. We also kept a slight overhang to stop water dripping down inside and raised the whole thing up on bricks to keep the bottom getting too damp.

I then hammered the old nails we had prised off the scaffolding board into the mdf to act as hooks.


Add Tom’s tea set, toy pans, some stones, and cast off bits from our kirchen and we were good to go.


We have some wooden discs we plan to glue on as hobs, and I’d like to paint some details on to make it more realistic, but at least we’ve made a start!

And it hasn’t cost us a penny
(well ok, we did own some bits already we had to pay for, like the tea set and the tools. But the structure itself cost us nothing)

8 thoughts on “Garden Update: Building a Mud Kitchen

  1. This is brilliant! I want to make Evie a mud kitchen in the garden. It’s just getting around to it. This looks fab. I can’t wait to see it with the hobs on top too. There will be hours of fun had with this. Thank you so much for sharing your outdoor diy adventure with #whatevertheweather xx


    1. Even once we had the wood it took us two months to actually build the thing! But it is at least painted now, and im on the hunt for bottle caps to make knobs out of


  2. It looks fantastic! We’re planning on using some pallets we got for free from neighbours to make a little mud kitchen too, although I’m jealous of your jigsaw, I’ve always wanted one! Tom is going to love playing with his mud kitchen this year, love the pics of him with it. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


    1. Its been a lifesaver the last few weeks – little man has been sick and so cant go to the park. And looks much better now it has been painted


  3. What a lovely thing to create at home! We rent too so find it hard to make the garden fun for this children but something like this would be fab. We have an allotment so this would be perfect for there! #Whatevertheweather

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