Helpful Hands

Ever since Tom was born, Mr Techno and I have joked that he suffers from helpful hands. As a teeny tiny baby, he used to use them to try to help me latch him on…more often than not resulting in him detaching himself altogether. He’s equally helpful when it comes to cooking, DIY, and brushing his teeth.

But something bizarre has happened in the last few weeks. Tom has become…genuinely helpful.

He helps me clean up his room, putting everything back in the (correct) container before bathtime. He wipes up spills if I hand him a cloth, and even helps with the hoovering


Sadly, I’m pretty sure this is a phase all toddlers go through and it doesn’t mean he will be amenable to helping with housework as a teenager. But hey, it’s good while it lasts!

Sadly, the washing up is still an area where more mess gets created than clean plates...

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