Lazy Days


It’s been a quiet weekend for Tom and I. We have both come down with a cold and Mr Techno is busy with the opening of the new restaurant, so there wasn’t much impetus to make plans.

We started Saturday morning with an indulgent breakfast of pain au chocolat, to celebrate the restaurant’s opening. I knew we weren’t likely to see Mr Techno for any longer than half-an-hour for the next few days – he’s been leaving the house at 7.30 and getting back after midnight for the past week, trying to get everything ready in time – so breakfast was about the only celebratory time we were going to get. Tom has never had pain au chocolat before but very much approved. Apparently it was a great improvement over his normal breakfast of weetabix or toast. He got chocolate¬†everywhere.

We spent the morning playing at home, before Tom went down for his nap at 9.30. No idea why he’s decided to drop the afternoon nap instead of the morning one, but actually it works pretty well. We had lunch when he woke up and then headed out for a rather wet walk. We left the flat in a light drizzle, but by the time we were out on the Marshes it was chucking it down.We had a good time anyway – we were both snuggled up in our waterproofs and Tom was very excited to see the trains going by. There was a brief argument when we were walking along the road back to the park – Tom wasn’t especially keen to stick to the pavement. He’s getting faster and is less phased by the step down from the kerb, so we’ve been getting stricter on making him hold our hands whenever we walk near a road, even if it is just the quiet one to the park. He’s been ok about it mostly but is not thrilled by not being able to go wherever he wants. This particular disagreement ended with him going back in the sling. Which he was actually fine with – I think he tends to play up more when he is getting tired of walking.

By this point, I was pretty sick of the rain, so we headed home (after a quick trip to the shops). We spent the rest of the afternoon playing a new game that Tom has invented – he pretends to push me over, I fall very slowly to the ground, and Tom climbs on top of me, giggling. It was fun. For the first five times. The next 20 were a little less fun…

By the end of Saturday I was feeling pretty rough, so it was lucky that Tom decided to have a rare lie-in on Sunday morning. We are usually up at 6.30, but this time he slept almost until 8.00! I guess he was in need of the sleep too. We were both much happier for the extra rest, but the weather was less cheery – grey, drizzly and windy. Having gotten a bit drenched the day before, I decided that, for once, we really didn’t need to head out just to prove a point. So we stayed home. I did some cooking and household chores, whilst Tom climbed up and down the sofa, emptied out every shelf and container he could find, and spent ages moving all the pasta from the packet into a mixing bowl. And then stirring it. And then putting it all back in the pack again. Rinse and repeat. Ending with the pasta in the bowl sadly, rather than the packet. I actually managed to read an entire book whilst he did this (it wasn’t very long).

I can’t do it too often, but a lazy weekend was exactly what we needed. And hopefully it will have helped me fight off the cold enough to manage the week at work – the first two courses of the year are being held this week, so my job-share and I are going to be busy!

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