Outdoors in East London with a Toddler: Springfield Park


Springfield Park is one of my favourite parks. Partly because it always seems to be sunny there (although I may be getting cause and effect the wrong way round) and partly because the walk there from our flat either takes us over the Marshes or along the river. So getting there is almost as lovely as the park itself.

The park really is beautiful. It has both cultivated gardens and open green spaces. There’s a kids play area, tennis courts, fountains, and a cricket pitch. Best of all, there are stunning views out over the river and the marshes beyond.

That stunning view does come at a cost – the park is very hilly, which can be an issue with the buggy. But it is worth it, not just for the view but for the lovely park cafe. There’s not loads of indoor tables, but a huge outdoor seating area. And since it’s always sunny there, who needs to be indoors? Plus they do yummy hot chocolate. And a range of light meal options, many of which are veggie friendly.

Tom and I met a friend there on Saturday and I remembered all over again why I love it so much. Hurray for our local green spaces!

Life Unexpected

9 thoughts on “Outdoors in East London with a Toddler: Springfield Park

  1. London has so many beautiful green spaces. I lived and worked in Central London for a time and found it too clammy and claustrophobic and then my friends started taking me to local parks and green spots and I was so surprised. If you know where to look there are acres of space. With so much on offer to do as well! This place looks like such a lovely family spot. Thank you for sharing your adventure on #whatevertheweather x


  2. It sounds like the perfect place to explore with little ones, great that it has such lovely views and is always sunny ;). I love parks that have a little cafe to get a hot chocolate on cooler days, makes going out for fresh air that much easier. You’re lucky to have such a lovely park nearby. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  3. I love your philosophy of finding outdoor spaces in a City. We lived in London for ages too, and it was amazing how many green spaces we found once we started looking. Without the children we never really had a need, so didn’t look!
    I love looking out at the stunning views of the City, it never stops surprising me. We used to head up to Primrose Hill and just watch the world go by below. Stunning, like your Springfield Park. And anywhere that does amazing Hot Chocolate with a stunning view has to be a good find!


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