Baking with a Toddler


I love to cook. And I want Tom to share that love. So I’ve been impatiently waiting for him to be old enough to start getting involved in the kitchen. He’s now 16.5 months and I thought I’d give it a first try.

Obviously anything involving cooking over the hob or sharp knives is out at this age. Which really just leaves baking. I had no eggs, and bread is a bit time consuming for a little one, so we went with biscuits as the best option.

I try to feed Tom a healthy diet. He gets ‘dessert’ after lunch and dinner, but it’s a piece of fruit or a small yoghurt. We don’t really have snack food in the house. Having said that, I don’t see anything wrong with the occasional treat, especially if it is something homemade. Otherwise I worry he will see those foods as forbidden, which will only make them more attractive.

I decided on peanut butter biscuits. Mainly because we had the ingredients already. Since Tom was going to have to stand on a chair to help, I got everything we needed together before we started.

Tom watched with interest as I measured out flour, then sugar, and tipped them into a measuring bowl. I couldn’t persuade him to help with this part, but he did find the tipping very funny for some reason.

He was more interested in helping with the butter and peanut butter. And by helping I mean eating. He managed to grab a handful of peanut butter before I could stop him, but I got the butter away in time.

Once I had the butter and peanut butter a bit more mixed into the other ingredients, he lost interest in trying to eat them and got involved with helping me mix. He really enjoyed this bit and kept looking at me and grinning. He was even more pleased when I put the dough out onto the table and showed him how to sprinkle flour over to stop it sticking.

For some reason, Tom got quite cross when I started rolling the dough out, and kept trying to take it away from me. I think he was enjoying patting it. He got back on board for the cutting bit though and, once I had showed him what to do, very much enjoyed placing the biscuits on the baking tray. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he kept taking the offcuts and putting them on the tray too.

The biscuits had a few fingerprints and were a bit misshapen, but for a first effort I’m pretty proud of our baking trial. We had a couple of them each after Tom’s dinner and they were yummy. I look forward to baking with Tom a lot more in the future!

7 thoughts on “Baking with a Toddler

  1. Great to cook with toddlers – and I love the idea of those biscuits! It is incredible how much learning can be done when cooking 🙂 #LetKidsBeKids


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