Intentions for a Greener New Year

Happy 2016 everyone! 2015 was a good year for us – we got to watch Tom grow from a four month old baby to a 16 month old toddler; a journey that has included him starting nursery, learning to crawl and then to walk, and begin to say his first words. I went back to work and Mr Techno was promoted. And we enjoyed some wonderful adventures in the great outdoors.

Like a lot of people, I’m very wary of New Year’s Resolutions, especially those that require me to give something up, or take up something I don’t enjoy (going to the gym springs to mind…) I have more sympathy with those that involve taking up a new challenge, and thought of doing something like that for this year. However, there is already a new challenge on the horizon which is likely to change our daily lives a bit – I can’t say more now as it is not yet finalised, but should have more news for you soon!

Until I know what impact this change will have, I don’t want to commit myself to further new challenges. So instead of resolving to do something new this year, I thought I would put together a short list of things we already do, which I intend to explore more deeply.

1. Be Mindful of Food Choices
As I explained in a previous post, I try to reduce the impact that our food choices have on the amount of waste we produce. However, I definitely used to be more mindful of where our food comes from. There was a time when the only meat I ate was the pigs my parents raised, or the game shot by my father-in-law. In both cases, I knew exactly how the animal/bird had been raised and how it had been died. In the case of the pigs, I even knew their names. But my parents no longer keep pigs, and I let pregnancy cravings alter my diet to the point that meat is now on the table most days. Since that excuse was exhausted long ago, it is more than time for me to reassess the amount of meat I eat. As a result, I intend to reduce this by only eating meat if someone else is cooking for me. Admittedly, this is less admirable than it might be, as Mr Techno cooks dinner once a week. But I feel it is a commitment I can sustain, whilst anything more is likely to test my resolve too far in the long run.

2. Buy Only Second Hand Clothes
As a university student, I made a commitment to only buy clothes that were either second-hand, or produced ethically. Realistically, that meant only second-hand clothes, as new ethical fashion tended to be a bit beyond my budget. But over the years I have slipped a bit, using the excuse of my changing shape (weight loss, then pregnancy, then post-baby weight not shifting) to buy the odd item of new clothing. I intend to go back to my original commitment, buying all of my clothes and most of Tom’s second hand (some things, like vests, I struggle to find enough of, so have to buy new). The exceptions will be underwear and shoes – underwear is hopefully obvious, and I tend to wear my shoes into the ground, so need them to fit well and be in reasonably good nick, something that can be hard to find second hand (I have tiny feet).

3. Get Outdoors Every Day
Making this pledge a few months ago, and then starting this blog to help me stick to it, has really transformed my life in a way I wasn’t expecting. I feel calmer, happier, fitter and more energetic than I did before. My bond with Tom has deepened as we spend quality time together outside, away from the electronic distractions at home. Mr Techno and I talk excitedly about where we will explore next, instead of letting lethargy get the better of us and make us stay indoors. I intend to build on this good work by continuing to explore the places local to us, but also by venturing further afield. We hope to take some camping trips come spring, and, as Tom begins to need less sleep, we want to take more day-trips to places outside of London. The new challenge I mentioned earlier in this post will have an impact, but one that I think we can work around.

So bring on 2016 – a year that will hopefully be as good as the last, if not better. A year that I hope will be greener in more ways than one. I can’t wait to get started!


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7 thoughts on “Intentions for a Greener New Year

  1. Awesome life changes, getting outside more is definitely something we need to do more (though I’ve been using Winter as an excuse)! Thanks for linking up to Marvellous Mondays. Kaye xo


  2. Very commendable life changes and values. I particularly like that you commit to spending time outdoors everyday. I love to get out, even if it’s just for a walk around our estate, but I should make more effort to explore and find new walks too. I think I might adopt this one too so thanks!



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