Foraging for Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas. But, slightly shockingly, Mr Techno and I don’t currently own any actual decorations. We always visit family over Christmas itself and when we were both working full-time we were in the flat so little over December that it didn’t ever seem worth decorating.

Last year, for Tom’s first Christmas, we were focused more on getting Tom’s inguinal hernia diagnosis confirmed and arranging a date for his surgery, so decorating was the last thing on our minds. Besides, he was far too little to notice anything was going on. But this year he is more aware, and I’ve already noticed him staring at the Christmas decorations at nursery.

The thing is though, that my inner anti-consumerist tends to kick in at this time of year (in reaction to all the adverts screaming ‘spend, spend, spend’ I suspect). So rather than buy a whole load of shiny new decorations that will only come out once a year, I decided to make some. This has involved ordering some glitter and paint online, so it isn’t spend free, but at least those will be useful for other craft projects too.

I definitely want to include some natural materials in the decorations. When Tom and I were walking to nursery last week, I picked up a few of these sycamore fruit in the park (and then accidentally went to work with them still in my pocket…)

Aren’t they perfect? Bauble shaped, but not breakable, which is important in a toddler household

Clearly, just eight were not going to do the job, so Tom and I headed out on Saturday to gather more. My original plan was to grab some of these and then head into the woods to see what else we could find. But we woke up to find that Storm Desmond was hitting the UK. While we were lucky in London to escape the extreme weather and flood warnings that affected the north and Scotland, we did have some very strong winds. It didn’t seem entirely sensible to be heading into the woods with the chance of falling branches, so we stuck to the open areas and concentrated on finding more sycamore fruit (this might sound counter-intuitive, but there is an avenue of sycamore trees in the park, with lots of open grass around them).


Unfortunately, my assistant got rather distracted by a massive pile of mud  – there’s some improvement work going on at Leyton Jubilee Park and they’ve been digging out a new path to the meadow area.


Despite the burning need to make mud pies, we I did gather a decent haul. Which are now hidden all around the flat as Tom really enjoys playing with them. This is about half the stash!


Sadly, the downside of lazy internet shopping is that the glitter and paint haven’t arrived yet, so we are waiting to transform these into baubles for the flat. I’ll let you know how we get on!

Life Unexpected

13 thoughts on “Foraging for Christmas Decorations

  1. Oh! So that’s what they are called ‘sycamore fruits’. We saw them at the lavender farm – I think it was the same things? We call them ‘Sticky balls’ as they sticks on your trouser while we walked through the lavender field. Interesting. I love natural decoration – but not quite sure how to preserves them. Great idea though. x #whatevertheweather


    1. Probably the same thing – they are kind of like much larger burrs so they do stick to clothes. The paint helps preserve them but i havent done anything more than that – they will only last this one Christmas

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww this a great idea. I never thought about foraging for Christmas decorations before. I can’t wait to see the end result. They’re great to play with for little ones too. I hope your glitter and everything arrived! 😀 Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather xx


  3. What a brilliant idea to make decorations from natural items. I love homemade things, I just wish I had more time to make everything I want to! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  4. Great idea. Making your own Christmas decorations will be much more fulfilling than paying out loads for shop bought ones. We made some Christmas decorations for Tin Box Tot to give as presents last year. It was good fun and the grandparents loved them 🙂 #whatevertheweather


    1. That’s a cute idea. Although my mum goes very designer with her decorations so I don’t know that a handmade toddler one would be a good fit…


  5. Lovely way to decorate for Christmas. My tree is getting more and more homemade decorations on it as the children add to it each year. I like the idea of making natural decs, they’ll look great. #Whatevertheweather


    1. Nothing better than seeing a tree with loads of homemade decorations, especially when the kids make them. Tom’s uncle is planning to make stars with him and his cousin…not sure their uncle realises they may not get the concept at only 15 months old though!


  6. My son had a hernia op Boxing Day when he was four months. We didn’t bother with Christmas as we were too worried for him. But he is now 3 so this is his fourth Christmas and they really get involved and excited the older they get. Love this post and love your Christmas baubles. Look forward to seeing the end result x #whatevertheweather


    1. We were lucky that Tom’s op was before Christmas, so we did get to celebrate still. But he was recovering and there was definitely a lot of worry about managing pain levels etc. So this year feels like our first real Christmas!


  7. This is just what I wanted to do and I was desperate to hunt for pine cones but we didn’t even find one I was so disappointed. The children were too young to care but hopefully we can have some homemade decs next year too x#whatevertheweather


    1. I was hoping for pinecones too but our local woodland is all deciduous so no luck. Actually came close to buying some until sanity reasserted itself! Better luck next year hopefully…


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