Remedy for a Toddler Bad Mood Day

Last Monday was just one of those days. Tom was in a bad mood from the moment he woke up. I don’t know if it was his teeth bothering him (he got his first four molars through all in one go) or if he hadn’t slept well or was just not happy, but all was clearly not right in Tom world.

I know from experience that the worst possible thing to do on a bad mood day is stay inside. We have a very small flat and there is not enough physical space to give us the emotional space to deal with well with negative feelings. If we had stayed in, I would likely have lost my patience and stopped being able to be supportive (my tolerance for whining voices is not very high). So out we headed for a long walk over the Marshes.


Tom, unusually, was initially unsure about walking and insisted on carrying ‘sock’ – a knitted bedsock of mine that he has adopted as a substitute comforter (he’s not allowed his main blankie comforter out of the cot, for fear of losing it). However, the fresh air soon cheered him up and he had a great time pointing out every ‘goggy’ (doggy) we walked past.


The route we took is one that we don’t often walk, but which I had chosen purposefully on this occasion because it takes us past the riding centre’s paddocks and you can see the horses from the path. Tom, like many toddlers, is a real animal lover and there is no better way to cheer him up than to show him a furry, fluffy or hairy friend.


After a good stare at the horses, we headed for home, with Tom in a much better mood. I still wouldn’t say it was the easiest evening we had ever had, but he was a good deal more cheerful than he had been earlier in the day. Fresh air, a bit of exercise, and a few horses. A simple remedy for those bad mood days.

What about you? Any tips to share on how you shake your toddler’s bad moods?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

12 thoughts on “Remedy for a Toddler Bad Mood Day

  1. Outdoors always works like a magic for moody little ones (and big ones too lol) this is what I needed today but I wasn’t brave enough to go out in the strong wind outside. Your little man looks so cute looking at the horses. 🙂


  2. I think getting the boys outdoors is great for improving their mood whatever their age. Your Tom looks adorable pointing at the horses – enjoy he will grow up so quickly (I have a preteen Tom and moody is on a whole new level haha)


    1. Very much not looking forward to those (pre)teenage moods! Luckily we have a few years yet (though toddlers can give teenagers a run for their money some days…)


  3. Fresh air is definitely the perfect remedy for teething testy toddlers, it’s great you managed to get out and release some pent up energy. Tom looks so animated seeing the horses, it’s true there’s nothing better than a few animals to cheer most toddlers up. Well done on making Tom forget his grumpyness, if only for a few hours! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


  4. Fresh air is definitely my top remedy for grumpy days – for me too. My daughter quite often insists she wants to stay in if it’s cold etc but space to run around always burns off the grumps. #countrykids


  5. Hi fellow mommy blogger!

    What an adorable little man! I love his love for his sock! 🙂 My little 18 month old is teething too, so she wakes up a lot at night, but she is in a good mood during the day. When she had a bad day, we normally do a lot of art projects, or cuddles, or go walking outside. It is so true, the fresh air does wonders for both of us!

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