A Wonderful (Wet) Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend! It could so easily have been a bust, bearing in mind the torrential rain that greeted us on Saturday. But I’d finally got my arse in gear and bought Tom a pair of waterproof trousers, so instead of being disappointed by the weather, we were thrilled by the opportunity to try them out.

As a starting point (and as part of our pledge to use our garden more), we headed out into the garden, fully togged up in waterproofs. Even Mr Techno joined in, though rather less appropriately dressed. I mean, slippers? Really? Tom was ridiculously excited by the rain, and ran around squeaking and poking things to find out if they were wet. (They were. Without exception. But he was still amazed every time. I love toddlers!)

IMG_0374 IMG_0380 IMG_0382

The rain did stop in the afternoon, so we went to the park to do some squelching in the mud and some splashing in the puddles. It was a bit slippery, so Tom’s new trousers got properly worn in and proved they are both water and mud-proof.

IMG_0387 IMG_0391

On Sunday, Tom and I escaped the city for some much needed rural time at my parents’ house (Mr Techno had to work). My dad is currently living in Singapore for work, but my mum welcomed us with open arms and my sister was visiting too. Tom was ecstatic to see granny, who always spoils him, and loved having so much space to run around in. We started the visit with a trip out to the chickens, to collect eggs for Tom’s lunch. Tom was actually more interested in the dog’s water bowl, but hey!

IMG_0405 IMG_0407

My mum has an extensive network of friends who live on farms and smallholdings, which is great for entertaining little people. We spent a lovely afternoon exploring one of their smallholdings, greeting all the animals, and enjoying the autumn leaves. All finished off with tea and cake, of course!

IMG_0412 IMG_0414 IMG_0419 IMG_0422

We had such a lovely weekend. I’m very thankful for those waterproof trousers – they brighten up any grey day!

Monkey and Mouse

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

15 thoughts on “A Wonderful (Wet) Weekend

  1. As, they say, no such thing as bad weather, just the wring clothes 🙂 We have full on weather gear as we get a lot of snow in the winter so we need snow pants/jackets/boots. Even I have some! No excuses not to get out… Looks like you had a great weekend x #countrykids

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to get hubby togged up. He refused to go to a city farm today because he has no waterproofs. Tom and I are fully wrathetproof though! Thanks for reading


  2. Sounds like a brilliant weekend! I think it’s so important (though not always easy) to get out and about even when the weather is rubbish. My kids don’t seem to mind the rain and I’ve invested in a puddle suit for my toddler so she can run around with her big sis! Lovely photos.


  3. I am determined to get some proper waterproofs this winter – my daughter always has a raincoat but between that and her wellies usually gets soaked. But she loves puddles and exploring so this would definitely let us get out more. #countrykids


  4. Waterproofs are always a must-have item especially on farms, it gives kids the free-reign to do what they please without you having to carry around so many items of spare clothes! Tom looks like he’s having a blast running around the park trying out his new waterproof trousers. It’s great that you went to the farm too, I’m sure Tom enjoys getting some hands-on experience too! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


  5. I don’t know if my original comment sent to you so sorry if you have two!!! – – – I adore the yellow trousers, they’re so cool. It sounds like you had lots of fun out in the wet weather. These outdoor clothes are perfect for it aren’t they and they definitely do look like they brighten up anyday.Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather. x


  6. Aww, what a lovely weekend! Laughing at the slippers on in the rain though! The waterproofs look great and he certainly looks pleased with himself! Fab that you could visit your mums friends small holding, must have been fantastic to explore.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather


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