Weekly Report – w/c 02.11.15

It’s been a bit of an up and down week in the Wildling house, mainly because of the changeable weather (and some lack of planning). Monday started well, with a trip to the playground. Tom had a great time enjoying the swings and demanded go after go on the slide. The playground was almost completely abandoned – not entirely sure why, as it was damp but not actually raining. But this was a plus as it meant Tom could have as many goes as he wanted.


IMG_0319 IMG_0322

Sadly the afternoon didn’t go quite to plan – we walked up to Bakers Arms to do some errands, only to find that I had left my purse at home (maturely, I am going to blame the toddler for this, as he does have a habit of removing it from my bag and hiding it under the sofa). So we had to turn around and come back again, by which point it was starting to get dark. Boo for disorganised mum!

On Wednesday we went on a family trip to the lovely Hackney City Farm, plus had a wander round Haggerston Park. You can read more about our visit here.


We did our usual walk to nursery on Thursday, cutting through the park. It was pissing it down when I arrived for pick up at the end of the day, but I’d fortunately remembered the buggy raincover, so Tom stayed cosy and dry. I braved the elements and walked home, cursing my shoe choice as my feet got wetter and wetter. There were moments when I questioned my own sanity, but Tom was completely dry and I hate getting on rush-hour buses when it’s wet to such a degree that getting soaked socks was definitely the preferable option.

Thankfully, Friday’s walk to and from nursery was dry, though very dark. I let Tom out of the buggy once we reached the park (which is floodlit) and he had a great time walking with me, splashing through puddles and waving to the very few people who were out in the dark.


We had a great weekend – I’ll be doing a separate post on our adventures, which included waterproof trousers, a pony, lots of chickens and a fair number of puddles. Look out for more tomorrow!

Considering the weather, I think we made a pretty good effort this week!

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