Playing in the Rain


Well the weather is officially on the turn. It’s getting colder, especially first thing in the morning, and we’ve had a few rainy days.

But this isn’t going to stop us from getting out. Especially now Tom is walking and so is no longer having to crawl his way through wet grass.

I thought I was going to have to look into some barefoot shoes for him (are barefoot wellies a thing? Must check…) but fortunately found a pair of these ‘rain footies’ on eBay. They are essentially plastic bags that attach with some elastic round the ankles. It’ll be a long time before he grows out of them, but he still seems able to walk ok. Waterproof trousers are definitely next on the wishlist.


We’ve enjoyed pottering around the cat litter box garden, investigating the local wildlife.


And the play area of the park is completely abandoned when it’s wet, giving Tom a chance to play without getting trampled by bigger kids.



All in all, wet weather is no reason to stay inside. We love playing in the rain!

Monkey and Mouse



16 thoughts on “Playing in the Rain

  1. We went jumping in puddles in the rain this week. I think I enjoy it more than my eldest son! Might look into those shoes if my ten month old starts walking this winter, all indications are showing that he will!


  2. Wow those shoes are so good. I love playing in the rain and the park is definitely so much fun whatever the weather. We recently got some rain trousers from Wet Wednesdays and they are fab! Evie even sat in a puddle at one point and her clothes underneath were still dry! I definitely need some of these shoes though. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


  3. Aww, I love his waterproof over shoes! You can get similar ones that are fleece lined for winter too, although they aren’t that easy to walk in. There’s definitely no reason not to go out in the rain, unless it’s incredibly heavy (we got soaked today!), even then a wander around the garden in waterproofs is no bad thing! We found that and all in one at that age was great, so then there top won’t ride up when playing. Completely agree about going to parks when it’s not ideal weather, it’s nice to have it all to yourself sometimes!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather ๐Ÿ™‚ x


    1. We have tights and extra socks for when it gets cold, so hopefully no need for fleece lining. May be popping onto the Wet Wednesday’s website for some waterproof dungarees though. Thanks for hosting #whatevertheweather!


  4. Some of the best days are spent exploring your own garden. Ours is a jungle atm with plenty of creepy crawlies ๐Ÿ˜‰ that’s a great idea to keep his feet dry! #whatevertheweather


    1. Yeah me too. Didn’t used to, but then I realised it was because I didnt want my hair to go frizzy…because clearly a hat would have been impossible!


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