Outdoors in East London with a Toddler: Millfields Park

One of my favourite day-to-day walks is a loop that takes us over the Marshes, under Lea Bridge Road, and across the canal to Millfields Park. We almost always stop in the park to let Tom have some time to play and explore.


It’s a good, wide open space, split into three by Lea Bridge Road and Chatsworth Road. As well as tennis courts, a cricket pitch and an athletics track, it has a children’s play area in one corner and wooden gym equipment (pull up bars, balancing bars etc) scattered around. One end is bordered by a canal, which you can follow on to nearby Springfield Park.

We rarely use the play area, which is aimed at older kids than Tom, but the open space, with gentle slopes and the occasional tree, is perfect for crawlers/newly toddling toddlers. It’s also the site for Clapton’s new forest kindergarten, Free Range Urban Kids. Sadly they don’t seem to be accepting children as young as Tom, but I’m keeping an eye on their plans to see if it might be an option for us in a couple of years.


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