Weekly Report: Much Improved

Things are (finally) back to normal in the Wildling household. The week commencing 12 October was the first time in five weeks that I actually did my usual part time work. No courses, no jury service. What a relief!

Here’s how the week went:

Monday – I had an appointment in the morning, then Tom had his one year development review after lunch. Mr Techno came along too, so we stopped off in the park for some family playtime afterwards.


Wednesday – the day started sunny, so Tom and I headed to the (oddly abandoned) playground. He pottered around happily, whilst I watched from a nearby vantage point. We went for a walk in the afternoon, stopping off on the Marshes for Tom to have an explore. At which point it started chucking it down. We were miles from home, so all we could do was stay to enjoy it (and be glad of our waterproofs…)


Thursday – a work day, so our usual walk in through the park/afternoon play in the park routine applied.

Friday – as above

Saturday – we went on our bear (crab) hunt! Read all about it here


Sunday – my poor little Wildling had picked up a cold at nursery (as he does every other week) and was feeling a bit under the weather, so we kept it low key. We went for a walk in the sling in the morning, then ran some errands in the afternoon.


It’s been lovely getting back to our normal routine. I’ve missed having a bit of extra time to find more imaginative ways to enjoy the outdoors. Verdict: much improved!


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