Weekly Report: Fail

Last week (commencing 5 October) can only be described as a big, fat fail. But then I knew it was going to be. Twice a year, the building conservation charity I work for run a 5 day course. I’m the organiser. Forty-five delegates, three days of lectures, two days of site visits, an overnight stay and an evening lecture. To say it is a busy week is an understatement. Not including the weekend, I saw Tom for a sum total of about 90 minutes the whole week. For all of them, he was in pajamas and mostly eating breakfast.

Mr Techno stepped up in epic fashion, covering childcare, doing all the cooking and housework, and even remembering to get our little Wildling outdoors.

They went for a walk on Tuesday:


And explored the park on Wednesday:


Meanwhile, I had a few moments on the course site visits to soak up some nature

Things improved at the weekend. On Saturday, Tom and I went on our autumn celebration foraging walk. Sunday, I felt a need to reconnect after seing so little of each other, so we had a long walk with Tom in the sling

Though things improved at the weekend, time pressures definitely got the better of us this week. Hopefully normal service will resume from now on.


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