Weekly Report: Could Try Harder

Last week (w/c 28/09) was a busy one. I was still on jury service until Wednesday afternoon, then had two full days back at work frantically preparing for this week’s course. So it wasn’t at all our usual routine! Here’s what we got up to:

Monday: I got back from the courthouse at 5pm, just before Tom sat down for dinner. So we grabbed a high chair, Mr Techno and Tom’s soup and had an al fresco meal, followed by a bop about the garden.


Wednesday: case over, I was able to get back by 4pm, so Tom and I headed to the park for a short walk and a bit of an explore before heading home for his dinner.


Thursday: I went straight back to work, so Tom and I did our usual walk to nursery through the park. On our way home, we stopped off in the wild meadow area and spent half an hour experimenting with grass seeds (Ton reports they are not tasty)


Friday: another work day, so essentially same as above. Ton was very tired, so we cut our time in the park a bit short.

Saturday: I misread the weather, plus Mr Techno was around until midday, so we didn’t head out until after Tom’s second nap. This was an error – it was a beautiful afternoon and I regretted having wasted the morning inside. We walked over Walthamstow Marshes, waving to cyclists and foragers on the way, and stopped off in Milfield Park so Tom could have some time to explore.

Enjoying a snack in Millfield Park

Sunday: all three of us headed to my in-laws house in Waterloo in the morning to celebrate our niece’s first birthday. We ate lunch in the garden, the babies had a nap, then we had a tea party that took place mainly outside. Sadly Tom ate too much jelly and was horrendously sick on the bus on the way back. We cleaned up as best we could, but disbelieving looks from other passengers implied we hadn’t quite managed to get rid of the smell. Poor little bear!

Overall, I’d give this week a B minus. We got outside every day, but not always for as much as an hour, and with very little inspiration in the places/activities. Could try harder is the verdict!

Side note: you’ll notice Tuesday is missing. This is the day Mr Techno looks after Tom whilst I work. I then go to Tai Chi in the evening. So Tom and I both get outside, but separately, as we only spend about half an hour together all day! It will always be excluded from my weekly summaries.

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